Special Business Services

We offer site storage of all drop installation materials. Wire connectos, home communication terminals,
cable modem, digital cable boxes, all of your equipment is tracked and avariable for installation at you call.

Tracking of equimpent we conduct inventory, high dollar item tracked by serial numbers we can do
ordering of drop materials to meet you forecasting

We have our own quality control and damage investigation team. If for some reason you recive a complaint on
our work we resolve it, to you customer's satisfaction. We also have our own interanl quiality control team to
ensure our works in meeting our customer's specifications and expectation.

Proyect or new buliding services, we offer the same services off site storage and Bulk/Direct Drop, ship site, to
secure your materials and bulid your network.

All of our employees are conected with us. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Work order traking. We track all work order's and provide quality assurance on then prior to tuning them in.
We meet your expectations our signature your customers signatures. Job completion time and called in to our
dispatch organization to ensure that the customer is receiving the services that they pay for, rigth at the start of

Detailed billing we provide you summary of work completed and job numbers if requested, we have net 30
terms and can increase or decrease our staffing to meet the flexibility or demands of your business usually

High quality technicians, Our technicians are highly trained and skilled associates of our company and must stay
in compliance with our high standas. To explain to detail the work they are performing prior to any work begin
done on customers premise.